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Interview Question of nuclear power station

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37. What is nuclear power station?

Ans : The nuclear power station is that in which the heat energy released during nuclear fission is utilized for generating steam which in turbine is used to drive the conventional steam turbo alternator.

38. What fuel is generally used in the atomic power station?

Ans : Uranium (U235), Thorium (Th232) and plutonium (Pu239).

39. What are the different stages of the nuclear power station ?

Ans : Atomic rector, Heat exchanger, Steam turbine and Alternator.

40. What is the atomic reactor ?

Ans : The atomic reactor is a chamber in the chamber in which the fission of uranium nuclei in its core takes place and produces heat energy.

41. How is the steam produced ?

Ans : The heat energy produced by the fission is used to boil the water for producing the steam.

42. How much kWh energy is produced by the fission of 1 gram of uranium U_235 ?

Ans : If one gram of uranium undergoes fission about 24000 kWh is produced in the form of heat.

43. What is the basic difference between an atomic power station and a steam power station ?

Ans: Basically an atomic power station differs from a conventional steam power station only in that boiler unit is replaced by an atomic reactor and a steam generator, other parts remaining same.

44. What is the efficiency of an atomic power station ?

Ans : About 20% to 25%.

45. What are the advantages and disadvantages of an atomic power station ?

Ans : Advantages:

  1. It does not require any oxygen for burning.
  2. The fuel can be transported easily.
  3. The running cost is low.
  4. The power output can be adjusted easily.
Disadvantages :
  1. Its initial cost is high.
  2. Heavy safety arrangements are needed against radiation hazards.
  3. The difficulty of disposal of the highly radioactive waste often arises.

46. What are the main factors to be considered in selecting the site of a nuclear power station ?


  1. Availability of profuse water.
  2. Means for safe disposal of residues.
  3. Strong rocky foundation.
  4. Distance from the inhabited area.
  5. Proximity of large concentrated load.

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