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Interview Question of Power Station

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57. What do you mean by “Base load station” and “Peak load station”? Which type of power stations are used as base load station and which type of stations are used as peak load station ?

Ans: Base load station means a power station installed of the capacity of unvarying load known as base load which is normally required for the whole day. Peak load station means a power station which is installed to share the peak load of the base load station during peak load house. Thermal power station and Hydro-electric power station are used as base load stations whereas Diesel power station and Gas turbine plant are used as peak load station.

58.In which power plant the depreciation rate is lowest ?

Ans : Hydro-electric power plant.

59. Which power plant have the ability of instant starting ?

Ans : Hydro electric power plant and Diesel power plant.

60. Which power plant has least plant capacity factor ?

Ans : Diesel power plant.

61. Which power station are operated at high load factor ?

Ans : Base load power station are operated at high load factor.

62. Which power plant has minimum running cost ?

Ans : Hydro-electric power plant.

63. Which power stations have high capital investment/kW and low generating cost/kWh ?

Ans : Base load power stations.

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