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MCQ of Basic Electrical page-1

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1.The terminals across the source are .......... if a current source is to be neglected.

b) Short-circuited
c) Replaced by a capacitor
d) Replaced by a source resistance

2.An active element in a circuit is

Current source
b) Resistance
c) Inductance
d) Capacitance

3. A bilateral element is

a) Resistor
b) Inductor
c) Capacitor
All of these

4.The circuit having same properties in either direction is called

Bilateral circuit
b) Unilateral circuit
c) Irreversible circuit
d) Reversible circuit

5. Kirchhoff’s laws are valid for

a) Liner circuits only
b) Passive time-invariant circuits
c) Non-linear circuits only
Both linear and non-liner circuits

6. Kirchhoff’s laws are not applicable to circuits with

Distributed parameters
b) Lumped parameters
c) Passive elements
d) Non-liner resistances

7. Kirchhoff’s current law is applicable only to

a) Electric circuits
b) Electronic circuits
Junctions in a network
d) Closed loops in a network

8. Kirchhoff’s voltage law is concerned with

a) IR drop
b) Battery emfs
Both (a) and (b)
d) None of these

9. According to Kirchhoff’s voltage law, the algebraic sum of all IR drops and emfs in any closed loop of a network is always

a) Negative
b) Positive
d) Determined by emfs of the batteries

10. The algebraic sign of an IR drop primarily depends upon the

Direction of flow of current
b) Battery connections
c) Magnitude of current flowing trough it
d) Value of resistance

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51. The permeability and permittivity of a medium are
A) independent of each other
B) related by the atomic number
C) related by the Boltzmann’s constant
D) related by the velocity of electromagnetic waves.


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41. Bakelite is
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