You have to select only one out of 4

1. Capacitance in equivalent circuit of transmission line is due to

Current in the line
Difference in potential of line
Leakage of current
Presence of magnetic flux

2. Skin effect in conductor is proportional to

(diameter of conductor)½
diameter of conductor.
(diameter of conductor)²
(diameter of conductor) 4

3. Proximity effect

Is more pronounced for large conductors, high frequencies and close proximity
Increases the resistance of the conductors and reduces the self reactance
Is substantially eliminated with stranded conductors
All of these

4. Which of the following is neglected while analyzing a short transmission line?

Power losses
Shunt admittances
Series impedance
None of these

5. For 11 kV transmission line the inductance per km will be about

1 H.
0.1 H
1 mH
0.1 mH

6. For 11 kV transmission line the capacitance per km will be about

0.01 F.
0.1 F

7. The transmission lines are said to be long if the length of the line exceeds

50 km
150 km
250 km
500 km

8. Percentage regulation of transmission line is given by the expression

(VR - VS)/VR X 100
(VR - VS)/VS X 100
(VS - VR)/VR X 100
(VS - VR)/VS X 100

9. Which of the following power system distribution gives the greater reliability?

Radial system of the distribution
Ring system of the distribution
D.C. three wire system of the distribution
A.C. three phase four wire system

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