You have to select only one out of 4

1. Distance relays are generally

MHO relays
Reactance relays
Impedance relays
Split-phase relays

2. Which of the following relay is preferred for phase fault on short transmission line

Reactance relay
Impedance relay
MHO relay
Induction type relay

3. For which of the following ratings of the transformer differential protection is recommended

Above 50 kV
Equal to and above 5 MVA
Equal to and above 20 MVA
Either of the above cases

4. When the stator neutral of a generator is grounded through a resistor, the stator ground fault is detected through

An under-voltage relay connected across the resistor
An over-voltage relay connected across the resistor
An over-current relay connected to the current CT
Any ground fault relay

5. The topmost conductor in hv transmission line is

B-phase conductor
Y- phase conductor
R- phase conductor
Earth conductor

6. Corona has the disadvantage(s) of

Power loss
Introduction with neighboring communication circuits
Introducing the harmonics, predominately third harmonics, into transmission lines
All of these

7. Insulators used on EHT transmission lines are


8. The dielectric strength of air under normal conditions is around

30 kV/cm.
150 kV/cm
100 kV/cm
200 kV/cm

9. Power loss due to corona is directly proportional to

Radius of conductor
Supply frequency
Spacing between conductors.
None of these

10. HV transmission line uses

Pine type insulators
Suspension insulators
Both (first) and (second)
None of these

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