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Interview Question of hydro electric power station

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23. What is called hydro electric power station?

Ans : The power station, in which the kinetic energy of water is converted into electrical energy, is called hydro-electric power station.

24. What is the source of generation in the hydro-electric power station ?

Ans : Water.

25. What are the different sections of a hydro-electric power station ?

Ans : The different sections of a hydro-electric power station are dams, spillways, gates, penstock & hydro-electric generators.

26. What is the function of the dam in a hydro-electric power station ?

Ans : The function of dam is to create required water head and store water in catchment area.

27. Where is water stored ?

Ans : Water is stored in the reservoir of the catchment area.

28. what are the factors to be considered in selecting the site of a hydro-electric power plant ?

Ans : The following factors are to be considered for selecting the site of a hydro-electric power plant :-
a) Since potential energy of water fall or kinetic energy of flowing stream is utilized in the hydro-electric power plant, therefore water must be available in sufficient quantity at a good head or huge quantity of water is flowing across a given point.
b) The site must be convenient for the creation of the dam and must have topographical suitability for the erection of reservoir.
c) The rivers feeding the reservoir must have a large catchment area. so that water level in the reservoir may not fall below the minimum required in the dry season.
d) The land must be rocky in order to withstand the heavy weight of large building of the dam. e) The site should be accessible and habitable.
f) There should be the possibility of stream diversion during the construction period.
g) The project should not cause the serious ecological problem.

29. What are the merits & demerits of the hydro-electric power station ?

Ans : a) Merits:
i) The layout, construction, and operation of the plant are simple.
ii) Maintenance cost is low.
iii) It can be started and put into service instantly.
iv) It can take varying load easily.
v) It has no standby losses.
vi) No fuel charges are required.
vii) Less number of operational staff is required.
viii) The efficiency is quite high about 75% to 85%.


b) Demerits :
i) Large area is required.
ii) It takes a long time for erection.
iii) The construction cost is very high.
iv) Long dry season may affect the operation.

30. What is the water turbine ?

Ans : Water turbine is a prime mover used for the alternator at the hydro electric power plant which changes the direction of the flowing water and converts the same to useful mechanical energy and also gives mechanical energy to the alternator.

31. What are the types of water turbines used in a hydro-electric power plant ?

Ans: There are two types of turbines, namely, (a) Impulse turbine, & (b) Reaction turbine.

32. What is the method of selection of water turbines ?

Ans: Impulse turbine is selected for very high heads and a small quantity of water as it utilizes the kinetic energy of water. reaction turbine is selected for low and medium head and the large quantity of water as it utilizes the pressure of the water.

33. What are the classifications of the hydro-electric power station according to its heads ?

Ans : i) Low head up to 60 meters. ii) Medium head from 60 meters to 300 meters. iii) High head above 300 meters.

34. What is the utility of multipurpose hydroelectric project ?

Ans : It provides power generation, irrigation, fishery and flood control at the same time.

35. What are the names of leading hydro-electric power station installed in India ?

Ans : Bhakra Nangal, Chambal project, Kayla etc.

36. How are water turbines mounted ?

Ans : The impulse turbine is mounted horizontally whereas the reaction turbine is mounted vertically.

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