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Power System Mock Test & online MCQ practice paper

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Power system Mock Test & online MCQ practice papers have been prepared by electricalunits team for Electrical Engineer students. 10 nos Power System MCQ have been arranged in the each paper . And result will be appeared after submit the power system paper. You can also check your previous practice results by login your account that will be created by you before starting the practice paper. Now open the power system test paper and enjoy the mock test.


Power system quiz paper-1

Power system quiz paper-2

Power system quiz paper-3

Power system quiz paper-4

Power system quiz paper-5

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Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) of Electric Power page-10:
91. An impulse turbine
A) operates by initial complete conversion to kinetic energy
B) is most suited for low head installations
C) making use of a draft tube
D) always operates submerged.


Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) of Electric Power page-9:
81. Spouting velocity is A) Velocity of jet under specified conditions
B) Actual velocity of jet
C) 50 % of ideal velocity of jet
D) Ideal velocity of jet.


Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) of Electric Power page-8:
71. In closed cooling system A) water does not flow
B) hot water is recirculated after cooling
C) air and water cooling is simultaneously used
D) constant supply of fresh water for cooling is required.