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Fleming’s Right hand Rule

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If the magnetic flux cuts the conductor, the e.m.f is induced in the conductor. The direction of induced current depends upon the direction of magnetic flux and the direction of motion of the conductor. And the direction of the induced current is easily found by Appling either Fleming’s Right hand Rule or Flat Rule or Lenz’s Law.


Fleming’s right hand Rule:-

In the fig.-1 is shown the position of Fleming’s right hand Rule. Here, the index finger indicates the direction of magnetic field, and thumb indicates the motion of conductor, then the middle finger will indicate the direction of the induced e.m.f and current.


Right Flat-hand rules:-

In the fig.-2 is shown , the position of right Flat-hand rule. Here , the font side of hand is placed perpendicular to the magnetic flux and the thumb indicates the direction of the motion of the conductor, then the direction of the fingers gives the direction of the induced e.m.f and current.

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