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Interview Question of gas turbine plant and Magneto hydro dynamic generator ( M.D.G ) plant

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47. What is gas turbine plant ?

Ans: The power plant, in which the turbine gets its energy from the heat supplied by combustion of oil, natural gas or coal is called gas turbine power plant. It is a peak load plant.

48. What should be the location of gas turbine plant ?

Ans : As it is a peak load plant, it can be located in cities and industrial load centers where oil fuel is cheap or natural gas is available.

49. What are the stages of gas turbine plant ?

Ans : a) An air compressor, b) A combustion chamber or combustor, c) A turbine and d) An alternator.

50. What is the efficiency of a gas turbine plant ?

Ans : 25% to 35%.

51. What are the merits and demerits of gas turbine plant ?

Ans : a) Merits :
i) The initial cost is low.
ii) It is more compact and requires few auxiliaries resulting in fewer space requirements.
iii) It has no standby losses and can be started up started up and put into service quickly.
iv) It has no problem for water disposal.
v) Maintenance is easier.
vi) It has no problem for water disposal.
vii) Its operation is simple & reliable with less vibration.


b) Demerits :
i) Fuel cost is higher.
ii) Output capacity is limited.
iii) It is not self-starting.

52. What do you mean by M.H.D. generator ?

Ans : Magneto hydro dynamic generator is such a generator in which a gaseous and partially conducting working fluid (plasma state) is heated by conventional fuel-fired or nuclear means and allowed to expand through a nozzle to convent some of its heat energy to kinetic energy and then passed through a magnetic field to produce an induced e.m.f.

53. What are the methods of cooling generator ?

Ans : a) Air cooled, b) Hydrogen cooled, c) Liquid cooled.

54. Why is hydrogen cooling preferred for large turbine generator ?

Ans : Hydrogen cooling is preferred instead of air because of the following reasons :
i) It reduces windage looses to about one tenth of its value in air.
ii) It provides better cooling.
iii) It reduces the oxidation of the insulation.
iv) It reduces the fire hazards.
v) It reduces the windage noise.

55. Where is hydrogen cooling used ?

Ans : It is used on the large plants of capacity more than 15 Mega-watt.

56. why are storage batteries used in power station ?

Ans : storage batteries are used in power stations as the power sources of d.c. the control current for the following purposes:-
i) To secure electrical operation (closing and tripping) of all main switchgear and indicating of tripping circuit.
ii) Emergency lighting.
iii) To excite the fields of some of the directly coupled exciters or in the event of exciter failure of the main alternator.
iv) Emergency oil pumps for lubrication of alternator shaft.
v) Telecommunication.

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