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Main and Transfer Busbar Arrangement

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In this type of main and transfer Bus arrangement, there is two busbar scheme, One is main bus and the other is transfer bus. A main advantage is that whole of the load is transferred to the transfer busbar when maintenance or repair are being done on the main busbar. The two double isolating switch and one circuit breaker are arranged for eache circuit as shown in fig.

The advantage & disadvantage of the system are given below:


  1. In case of any fault in any busbar, the outgoing circuit may be transferred to the another transfer bus.
  2. It is easy to connect to outgoing feeder from anyone busbar either main bus or transfer bus.
  3. In this scheme, the maintenance cost of sub-station decreases.
  4. In this busbar arrangement, bus potential can be used for relays.


  1. The bus is maintained or expanded by transferring all of the circuits to the transfer bus depending upon the remote backup relays and breakers .
  2. In this busbar arrangement, any problem of circuit breaker i.r.o any outgoing feeder, the said feeder can not be normalized until that corresponding breaker rectify.

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