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11. Maxwell circulating current theorem

Utilizes Kirchhoff’s voltage law
b) Utilizes Kirchhoff’s current law
c) Is a network reduction method
d) Is confined to single loop circuits

12. The insulation on a current carrying conductor is provided to prevent

a) Current leakage
c) Both (a) and (b)
d) None of these

13. EMF of a zinc-carbon cell is about

a) 1.2 V
1.5 V
c) 1.75 V
d) 2.2 V

14. The emf of primary cell depends upon the

a) Physical dimensions of cell
b) Nature of electrolyte
c) Both (a) and (c)
None of these

15. The internal voltage drop of a voltage source

a) Is independent of load current supplied
Depends upon internal resistance of the source
c) Does not influence the terminal voltage
d) Does affect the emf of the source

16. A voltage source of emf E volts and internal resistance r ohms will supply, on short circuit, a current of

E/r amperes
b) zero
c) Infinite
d) E× r amperes

17. When two batteries of unequal voltages are connected in parallel, the emf of the combination will be equal to the

Emf of the large battery
b) Emf of the small battery
c) Average of the emf of two batteries
d) None of these

18. At the center of a current carrying single turn circular loop, magnetic field is

B = μl/2R
b) μl/(.2 πR)
c) B = μl/(4πR^2 )
d) None of these

19. The magnitude of force acting on current carrying conductor placed in a magnetic field is independent of

a) Flux density.
b) Length of the conductor.
Cross-sectional area of the conductor.
d) Current flowing through the conductor.

20. The direction of mechanical force experienced on a current carrying conductor placed in a magnetic field is determined by

Fleming’s left-hand rule.
b) Fleming’s right-hand rule.
c) Helix rule.
d) Corkscrew rule.

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Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) of Materials page-6:
51. The permeability and permittivity of a medium are
A) independent of each other
B) related by the atomic number
C) related by the Boltzmann’s constant
D) related by the velocity of electromagnetic waves.


Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) of Materials page-5:
41. Bakelite is
A) highly inflammable
B) low resistance conductor
C) a semi-conductor
D) uncombustible.


Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) of Materials page-4:
31. Which of the following pairs is commonly used in thermocouples?
A) Copper-constant
B) Aluminium-tin
C) Iron-steel
D) Silver-German silver.