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21.In Fleming’s left-hand rule thumb always represents direction of

a) Current flow
b) Induced emf
c) Magnetic field
Mechanical force

22. If a current carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field, the mechanical force experienced on the conductor is determined by

a) Simple product
b) Dot product
Cross product
d) Any of these

23. The force experienced by a current carrying conductor lying parallel to a magnetic field is

b) B І 𝑙
c) B І 𝑙 sin⁡θ
d) B І 𝑙 cos⁡θ

24. An electric field is parallel but opposite to a magnetic field. Electrons with some initial velocity enter the region of the fields at an angle θ along the direction of the electric field. The electron path will be

a) Straight
c) Circular
d) Elliptical

25. The field at any point on the axis of a current carrying coil will be

a) Perpendicular to the axis.
Parallel to the axis.
c) At an angle of 45° with the axis.
d) Zero.

26.The magnetic flux inside the exciting coil

Is the same as on its outer surface.
b) Is zero.
c) Is greater than that on its outside surface.
d) Is lower than that on its outside surface.

27. If the two conductors carry current in opposite directions there will be

a) A force of attraction between the two conductors.
A force of repulsion between the two conductors.
c) No force between them.
d) None of these

28. If a straight conductor of circular cross-section carries a current, them

a) No force acts on the conductor at any point.
b) An axial force acts on the conductor tending to increase its length.
A radial force acts towards the axis tending to reduce its cross-section.
d) A radial force acts away from the axis tending to increase its cross-section.

29. mmf of the magnetic circuit is analogous to

a) Current
c) Resistance
d) Power

30. Unit of reluctance of magnetic circuit is

a) AT/m
b) Webers/m
d) H/m.

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51. The permeability and permittivity of a medium are
A) independent of each other
B) related by the atomic number
C) related by the Boltzmann’s constant
D) related by the velocity of electromagnetic waves.


Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) of Materials page-5:
41. Bakelite is
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B) low resistance conductor
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