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Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) of Electronics page-8

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106. The “d.c. resistor” is the name given to

a) Clipper
b) Clamper
c) Limiter
d) Shunt limiter

Ans: (b)

107. Enumerate the four advantages of SCR over the thyratron?

a) No filament current is required
b) Smaller size
c) Higher current handling capacity
d) Much smaller voltage across the “on"SCR

Ans: ()

108. The thyristors are not made of the germanium because

a) Germanium is costlier than the silicon
b) Germanium is not used as semiconductor
c) The leakage current is high in germanium
d) The current handling capacity of germanium is less than the silicon

Ans: (c)

109. A voltage amplifier is shown below. What is the highest voltage gain accurate to one per cent obtainable with an amplifier whose open loop gain is 1000?

a) 100
b) 10
c) 1000
d) 10,000

Ans: (b)

110. The circuit diagram of the Question 109 is used measure d.c. voltage of 10 volts having a source resistance of 1 kilo-ohm. If Rin = 10 kilo-ohms and Rf = 100 kilo-ohms, what will be the value of e0 ?

a) – 90 volts
b) – 91 volts
c) – 10 volts
d) – 100 volts

Ans: (b)

111. The operational amplifier shown in figure below is said to limit when the current output or voltage reaches values of ± 1 mA or ± 50 volts respectively, eref= 10 volts, Z2 is a resistive load, and Z1= 0. What is the voltage across Z2 ?

a) 7.5 volt
b) 5 volt
c) 100 volt
d) 10 volt
e) 2.5 volt

Ans: (d)

112. When the transistor is saturated

a) The emitter potential is more than base and collector
b) The collector potential is more than the emitter and base potential
c) The base potential is more than the collector and emitter potential
d) The base, emitter and collector are all at essentially the same potential

Ans: (d)

113. The transistors are seldom used as switching devices because

a) Use of transistors as switching device is not economic
b) They can handle only high voltage but not high current
c) Of slowness of response and inability of withstand high voltage
d) They need separate circuitry when used as switching device

Ans: (c)

114. Which of the following multivibrator is called the flip-flop

a) Astable multivibrator
b) Monostable multivibrator
c) Bistable multivibrator
d) (a) or (b)

Ans: (c)

115. The external triggering is not needed for the transition of state in the

a) Bistable multivibrator
b) Monostable multvibrator
c) Astable multivibrator
d) (b) and (c) both

Ans: (c)

116. The term “free running” is associated with

a) Bistable multivibrator
b) Monostable multivibrator
c) Astable multivibrator
d) (b) or (c)

Ans: (c)

117. Astable multivibrator cannot be used for frequency division.

a) True
b) False

Ans: (b)

118. The blocking oscillator can perform many of the same functions as multivibrators and can be

a) An astable multivibrator
b) A monostable multivibrator
c) A bistable multivibrator
d) (a) or (b)

Ans: (d)

119. A 10 volts rectangular plus with a 1 m-sec plus is applied at time to to a series RC circuit shown below with R = 100 kilo-ohms and C = 1000 pF, what will be the voltage across R at t =to ?

a) 10 volts
b) 5 volts
c) 7.5 volts
d) 2.5 volts

Ans: (a)

120. A 100 volts peak to peak sine wave is applied to the circuit shown below. Z2 is a 30 volts Zener-diode. The output voltage is 55 volts peak to peak. What will be the breakdown voltage of Z2 ?

a) 100 volts
b) 155 volts
c) 30 volts
d) 25 volts
e) 85 volts

Ans: (d)

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21. ACSR conductor implies
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B) Anode current sinusoidally run
C) Aluminium conductor steel reinforced
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