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Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) of Measurements page-22

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211. The resolution of a digital ammeter with 3 digit display is

a) 1/10000
b) 1/1000
c) 1/4
d) 1/3

Ans: (b)

212. The accuracy of measuring instruments at high frequency

a) Decrease
b) Becomes zero
c) Increases
d) Does not change

Ans: (a)

213. How many coils are required in the megger?

a) One
b) four
c) Two
d) Five

Ans: (c)

214. What will be the reading of megger if the measuring terminals are open circuited?

a) Infinity
b) 500 ohms
c) Zero
d) 10,000 ohms

Ans: (a)

215. Which of the following instrument will have same calibration on A.C. and D.C.?

a) Moving coil instruments
b) Moving iron instruments
c) Induction type instruments
d) Electrodynamometer instruments

Ans: (d)

216. The measurement of reproducibility of an instrument given an indication of

a) Resolution
b) Damping
c) Efficiency
d) Accuracy
e) Precision

Ans: (e)

217. The internal resistance of an instrument is normally based on criterian that

a) It draws large power
b) The instrument can be connected in any circuit
c) It does not change the parameters of the circuit to which this is connected
d) It draws minimum power for its operation

Ans: (c)

218. The dynamic error of an instrument is defined as

a) The difference is full scale reading and actual readings
b) The difference in actual and indicated values
c) The difference in two consecutive readings of the scale
d) None of them

Ans: (b)

219. The multimeter normally employs

a) The so many potentiometers inside it
b) The only one coil with variable number of turns arrangement
c) The multiple series or shunt resistance inside it
d) The completely electronic circuit

Ans: (c)

220. The standard resistors are generally fabricated out of

a) Platinum
b) Copper
c) Meganin
d) Chromium

Ans: (c)

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