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Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) of Measurements page-23

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221. The air fraction damping is used for the instruments which have

a) Very high magnetic field
b) Very low magnetic field
c) Zero magnetic field
d) (a) or (b)

Ans: (b)

222. If the instrument scale is cramped for large values, then the scale is calibrated as per

a) Square scale law
b) Uniform scale law
c) Logarithmic scale law
d) None of them

Ans: (c)

223. Generally how many turns in the primary of CT are used?

a) 2
b) 1 to 5
c) 5 to 10
d) 10 to 40

Ans: (b)

224. Which of the method will be used for precision measurement of resistance

a) Voltmeter method
b) Potentiometer method
c) Multimeter method
d) Megger test
e) Bridge method
f) CRO method

Ans: (e)

225. The major application of self-balancing potentiometer is found in

a) Calibration instruments
b) Power systems
c) Electronics
d) Control systems

Ans: (d)

226. The radio frequency can be measured with

a) Resonance frequency meter
b) Weston frequency meter
c) Heterodyne frequency meter
d) Either of the above

Ans: (c)

227. The rectifier instruments do not have the following errors

a) Temperature errors
b) Wave shape errors
c) Frequency error
d) (a), (b) and (c)

Ans: (d)

228. The sensitivity factor of strain gauges is normally of the order of

a) 1 to 1.5
b) 1.5 to 2
c) 0.5 to 1
d) 5 to 10

Ans: (b)

229. CT is used to

a) Step down the current
b) Step up the current
c) Step up the current but step down the voltage
d) Measure very high currents

Ans: (a)

230. Which of the following instrument has poor overload capacity?

a) Moving iron instrument
b) Induction type instruments
c) Electronic instruments
d) Hot wire instruments

Ans: (d)

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