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MCQ of Transformer page-10

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91. For getting minimum weight of a transformer, the weight of iron should be

a) Less than the weight of copper
b) Greater than the weight of copper
c) Equal to the weight of copper
d) None of these

Ans: (c)

92. A constant current transformer should not have

a) High value of reactance
b) A movable secondary winding
c) A high value of resistance
d) Primary and secondary windings surround-ding the core

Ans: (c)

93. The frequency of the impressed voltage of a transformer is increased keeping the magnitude fixed. Out of the components of the exciting current

a) The magnetizing current increases and the core loss components decreases
b) The magnetizing component decreases and the core loss components increases
c) Both the magnetizing and core loss components decrease
d) Both the magnetizing and core loss components increase

Ans: (c)

94. Eddy current loss in a transformer depends on

a) Frequency alone
b)Voltage alone
c) Thickness of lamination
d) All of these

Ans: (d)

95. Routine efficiency of a transformer depends upon

a) Load current alone
b) Power factor of load alone
c) Both (a) and (b)
d) Supply frequency

Ans: (c)

96. Power transformers are usually designed to have maximum efficie-ncy at

a) A little more than full load
b) Near full load
c) Half load
d) Quarter load

Ans: (c)

97. Essential condition for parallel operation of two single phase trans-formers is that they should have same

a) Efficiency
b) Capacity
c) Voltage ratio
d) Polarity

Ans: (d)

98. In an autotransformer, power is transferred through

a) Conduction process alone
b) Induction process alone
c) Both conduction and induction processes
d) Mutual coupling

Ans: (c)

99. If a two-winding step down trans-former is converted into an auto-transformer by using additive polarity, then

a) The kVA rating gets reduced
b) The kVA rating gets increased considerably
c) The kVA rating remain unchanged
d) None of these

Ans: (b)

100. The main advantage of an auto transformer over a two winding transformer is that

a) Is used only one winding
b) Core losses are reduced
c) It needs no cooling
d) It has simple construction

Ans: (a)

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