You have to select only one out of 4

1. Admittance relay is

The directional relay
The none directional relay
The impedance relay
None of the above

2. The earthing transformer is used

To avoid the harmonics in the transformers
To provide artificial neutral earthing where the neutral points of the three phase system are not accessible
To improve the current capacity of the neutral wire
None of the above

3. Which of the following generating station has the minimum running cost?

Hydro-electric station
Nuclear power station
Thermal power station
Diesel power plant

4. Which of the following motors is used for locomotive drive?

D.C. shunt motor
D.C. series motor
A.C. series motor
Synchronous motors

5. The rating of the circuit breaker used for a system whose has been increased from 10,000 to 20,000 kVA will

Remain constant
Remain same but size of the circuit breaker increases

6. The inductive interference between power and communication line can be minimized by

Increasing the distance between the conductors
Transposition of the power line
Transposition of the communication line
(b) and (c) both

7. Overfluxing protection is recommended for

Generator transformer of the power plant
Auto-transformer of the power plant
Station transformer of the power plant
Distribution transformer

8. Harmonic restraint in differential protection for transformer is provided to prevent the mal-operation caused by

Magnetizing inrush current
Unmatched VTs
Unmatched CTs
Demagnetizing flux

9. Series capacitors are used to

Improve line voltage
Compensate for line inductive reactance
Compensate for line capacitive reactance
None of the above

10. High water level of a boiler drum can damage

Boiler tubes only
Turbine and steam line
Turbine only
None of the above

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